No, we haven’t gotten around to inventing a site with great hand-eye coordination just yet, but what we are at the forefront of is websites that respond and adapt to whatever device a person views it on. Such sites are dubbed ‘mobile responsive’ because their content and screen size will change to make sure everything displays as it should, so whether the user is browsing your page on their phone, tablet or desktop computer, they’re guaranteed to view the information exactly as you intend.

In the fledgling days of the Internet, web developers like us were often asked to create different versions of a site to cater to these newfangled mediums of access, but nowadays cutting-edge coders like Druff Interactive know how to make one website adaptable to practically any device. This not only saves on multiple development costs to you, but gives you peace-of-mind that all of your customers, from the smartphone hipsters to the ancient-desktop technophobes, will have proper access to your content.



There’s an old rule of thumb called Moore’s Law which says that computers will half in size and double in speed every few years, and for the last couple of decades this bold claim has repeatedly proven itself to be true. In fact, tablets, smartphones and pocket-sized laptops are so popular now that they’ve even begun to replace staples like textbooks and board games, and in a society where people are even giving touch devices to their cats, it’s clear that the future will indeed be portable.

Fortunately, our mobile responsive websites are future-proof to make certain that your customers (and their pets) will not only see your website properly, but see you as a smart, tech-savvy business. And, because we’re all about seeing things clearly, feel free to navigate to this very site on the device of your choice: it too is mobile responsive, and it’s ready and waiting to be viewed in all its shape-shifting glory. Or, if you’re willing to take our word for it, have a look at the examples below to see exactly how it all works.

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